Turret Punching


Accurate and Cost Effective Turret Punching

Our highly experienced team of machinists and engineers offers an all-in-one fully automated turret punching and shearing service. It is fast, accurate, and more cost-effective than laser on most materials up to 6mm thick.
australian general engineering turret punching machine
So if your sheet metal components require piercings such as round holes, square holes, rectangular holes, dimples, or other perforations, we recommend you explore the option of having your components made by our fully automated CNC turret punch line. 

In many cases, turret punching allows us to offer you a lower cost per component than laser cut parts. Send us your enquiry and our team will inform you of the best options.

Built for speed

Our Finn Power ‘Shear Genius’ and Amada turret punch presses achieve speeds as high as 1,000 hits per minute, and offer optimal punching solutions. These high-efficiency machines allow us to pass on lower production cost to our customers.

The Finn Power, with its punching and shearing all-in-one operation, automated feed, and automated palletised stacking of cut parts is the pinnacle of machines when it comes to fully speed and fully automated “lights out” turret punching. This machine is ideally suited for high volume, cost-effective, integrated punching and shearing applications. 
The Finn Power drops finished parts into designated bins or pallets, removing the requirement of labour to break parts out from the skeleton the way punching has traditionally been performed. This allows us to take parts directly from the machine to the folding area for the next process with no additional labour needed.
australian general engineering product punching
australian general engineering turret punching and piercing
Given that the Finn Power is highly automated, our CNC turret punching machinery offers unmanned and lights-out operation allowing faster turnarounds. Lower processing times also mean savings can be passed onto you. 

From CNC Turret Punching to Folding

Our turret punching capabilities are just one element of our extensive sheet metal engineering and fabrication services. These also include CNC laser cutting, CNC brake pressing/folding, MIG and TIG welding, and many other component assembly services.

From concept right through to the final product, Australian General Engineering can provide a range of turnkey solutions that are all backed by our in-house ISO accreditation. 

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